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Our clients trust us to cover the holes in their business.

We excel in automating your processes and implementing systems that fit your business like a glove.

Woman Service Providers & Entrepreneurs 



We help save your clients one Dubsado build at a time!

Success isn’t an accident. 


When most small businesses start out, they know exactly what they want their company to be. They want a specific type of clientele, a particular brand message, and to stand out from the crowd. Then things get busy and all of those big ideas get lost in the shuffle. Before you know it, you're stuck doing everything manually...and you're not seeing results in a cluttered workspace!

That's why we created our signature service: so that no matter how busy you are or how much experience you have working with automation platforms like Dubsado, we'll set you up with a successful client process to elevate your back end. Dubsado is an online platform that helps businesses manage their client relationships from start to finish. 



We get it, you have a lot on your plate.

You're not alone! Most people have this problem. But what if there was a way for you to save time by automating tasks without having to actually do them yourself?

What if managing client projects was the easiest part of your business instead of the part you struggle with the most?

That's where Dubsado comes in.

Here at Starmichelle Company we help busy entrepreneurs build an all-in-one system that streamlines the necessary but normally time-consuming tasks for small business owners like YOU! We set it up for you so that all your contracts, invoices, forms and client info are right at your fingertips--so there's no more scrambling around trying to find what you need when it matters most.

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Choose your Journey


Aspiring VA

1:1 Clarity Call

Gain clarity on where you're going and what needs to happen next with a one-on-one 90-minute clarity call. 

Allow me to help you map out an action plan for success.

I support aspiring vas by providing clarity to help break down that overwhelm to get started on their own unique path of success.



Goal Digging

System Build Out

We understand what it takes to get clear on your client process.

With Dubsado, you can have a fully loaded client relationship manager where we do all the building for you. After our Dubsado set-up, your new client relationship manager will help you get clear on your client process and improve their experience while working with you.



Goal Digging

Mapping Session

Together we create a visual, step-by-step map of your internal process so that you can see where inefficiencies are existing, and for any necessary alterations. You will gain a clear understanding of your intended next steps to successfully implement into your own Dubsado system. Picture it as receiving the blueprint for your new transformational system.




Your steps to onboard your clients are all over the place.

Imagine connecting with your dream clients and your systems and processes embarrass you?

Both you and your clients are confused about your processes.

You spend entirely too much time drafting proposals, contracts & emails.

You're using about 3-4 different systems to work with your clients.

Everything that you want to accomplish in your business is usually tucked away in your mind somewhere.

If you haven't noticed already, it's time to get things in order.  Otherwise, you wouldn't have found me.

Whats included?


60-90 Mapping Session

This strategy-focused session allows us to work closely together to map out the entire process, creating a solid foundation for your core services to helping you set up an automated system that allows you to spend more time doing what you love!


Client Intake Forms

We help you add to personalized and start of on a great foot between you and your clients. For every phase of their journey, we have the right tools to add to your system to help guide and inform your clients.


Template Emails

We take pride in having a feel for what your clients want to see and how they want to feel when they contact your business. We create custom emails, that fit your business like a glove into your automations.


Added Packages + payment options

Increase your sales by offering payment plans and packages to your clients. Create plans in seconds and set recurring monthly billing or have customers pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Client portal intergration

Manage projects, clients, and invoices with a branded portal. We will set up a customized portal for your business to manage client files and correspondence, invoices and more.


Branded customizations

Give your systems a personal touch and let your brand and personality shine through with a customized dubsado build. Customize your systems with branding to wow your clients. 


Scheduler Setup + Automations

Automate your scheduling process with a fully integrated online scheduler. Ready to take the headache out of scheduling? With an online scheduler and automated reminders, you can plan meetings with clients and while in your sleep.


21 Days Post Support

You will have access to a bank of short videos recorded for your support. For an additional 21 days, you will have access to me when you run into questions or need additional support.

Working with us

The workshop was very informative and amazing.
Getting to learn about the CRM's and the time management tools was truly needed to start working on this business. I've been seeing jobs posted asking about experiences with these and was wondering how I'm gonna figure those out. I'm glad you showed us the different ones and expanded upon their use. 


Jeanet - January 15, 2023

Join Our Facebook Community

Here, you'll find a supportive community of virtual assistants who are all working toward building their businesses. 


In December of 2022, virtual assistant Beth & Star had a goal to build a community of support as accountability partners for working towards business goals.

We believe that it's important for virtual assistants to have accountability partners as they build their businesses from the ground up. That's how this group was formed. From genuine connections and support for each other while growing together.

Which you can now find in one community.

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